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Malai Kulfi


Whole Milk – 6 cups

Sugar – 2-3 cups

Saffron – 10 strands

Nuts – Cashew & Pistachios – 1/4cup


Serves 6 kulfis


  • In a nonstick wide container, add a cup of milk.
  • Allow it to boil on medium flame.
  • Once it comes to a boil keep stirring the milk with a spatula or a wooden spoon scraping the sides of the container gently.
  • A layer of cream forms over the milk & continue till most the milk (3/4th of it) thickens into cream.
  • Add another cup of milk & repeat the same process.
  • Repeat the same until you add 6 cups to it.
  • After the last cup is added, add sugar & saffron & mix until everything is completely well combined & the consistency is thick.
  • At this point, Malai Kulfi is done.
  • Place it into kulfi molds or an ice tray (add crushed nuts over it-optional) & freeze it for 8 hours or overnight.
  • Another variation of kulfi can be made by continuing to cook until all the moisture is completely evaporated & it hardens.
  • It can be eaten as Rabdi or Kalakand.

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